B42: C29 The Self Absented Portrait Practice.


This essay outlines a series of photographs, and the process undertaken, to capture the self absented portrait.  It discusses the objectives through the use of the OCA acceptance criterion.

The project is to capture, through a shadow the image of my self masquerading as my grandfather.  As we are not in the photograph,  I suggest that this adds to the concepts of the absented photograph.

The detail of which may be found in: C29: The Practice Self Absented Portrait Practice:

B41: Self Absented Portraiture:


I have reviewed the referenced photographers for Self Absented Portraiture.
The works of Kapajeva, Calle and Shafran.  The conclusion show that all make a contribution to self absented portraiture, in different ways, for me.

Calle demonstrates a process of review and evaluation of the personal self by others, and this can result in a self absented portrait and dialogue,  in which other may connect with the photographer and the situation.

Shafran shows us that even the most mundane photographs can contribute to the self absented portraiture.  An an indication when the subject is ones own farther, the mundane can move towards portraiture status as is seen in Dad’s Office.

Kapajeva’s work is a clear demonstration of the self absented techniques. She demonstrates this though empathy and affinity.  The closer the photographs is with the subject the closer the affinity, and to some level, a truer self absented portrait.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 14.14.46

Maria Kapjeva


C28: Self Absented Portraiture.

B40: How do I improve my grades????


The grades has been troubling me and others over the past week.  You are left with more questions and than answers, we student are advise not to over think this problem, keep going forward.  All this is good, but this is not a productive feedback system.  Therefore what to do.

If I do the same, then the same results will materialise, what if I have been lucky then the results will drop.   I have to take a different approach, I should not leave this to chance.

The Problem:

In my last exercise, the masquerade self portrait.  I logged all the actions I have taken, this should make the journey clearer for the assessors.  I then reviewed the work against the criterion,

Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills:

  • Materials, techniques, observational skills, design and compositional skills

Quality of Outcome:

  • Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner with discernment.

Demonstration of Creativity:

  • Imagination, experimentation, invention, personal voice


  • Reflection, research,(learning logs)
This action was taken after the event, and yet this is the acceptance criterion by which all the work is measured.   In my other work, I did not really look at the criterion in great detail, nor did I understand  the implications.
I did not understand the terms when applied to photography, and perhaps I still don’t fully.
I am seeking better to learn the language of photography, therefore, I should take a more proactive approach and engage with these terms.  I may have to re examine my other work.  And this will be good as I will show that I have reflected, one of the criterions.


I very much like the use of mind maps, and is these mind map were so modified to include the above headings, this ought to lead me, strategically,  towards the acceptance criterion.

B39: C27 The Practice Masquerade:


Have completed the essay as part of the exercise, B37: C26 The Masquerade:  I thought it would be wise to practice the masquerade as a portrait.

The masquerade portrait is of my farther attending his grape vines.  The vines photographed are the original vines that he planted in the late 1980’s.

This essay records the steps that were gone through in order to create one masquerade portrait. The initial shoot, the compositional set up, the addition of props, the selection process via notated contact sheet, post production summary, and the final image.

the mask



What comes through this exercise and the self portrait, B36: C25: The First Self Portrait, is that we wear, around the house, the same clothes: short and vests.  I had not noted this before.

For details of the work please see: C27: The Practice Masquerade:


B38: Where am I going?


This review concerns itself with OCA marking process and feedback system.  More specifically, what am I going to do to improve my over results.  It is intended by reflecting on the process, and making corrections then the will improve and so will the overall mark.

Exploring Your Vision:

The marks have been returned, and I can say that while I understand what has been said, I am a little disappointed with the final result.  Having said there are a number of comments given that don’t, on the surface seem to link to the work that I have submitted.

I will have to review the comments and marks and prepare SWOT analysis, this is process I have developed during context and narrative.

Perhaps I should do this before doing anything else, however, like EYV, the work load is constantly increasing, with more feedback from the tutor, and more about this later, catching up on Photographic exhibitions that I have not written up yet.  It all seems a mass of work, and at time lacking in direction.

Assignment 2 Feedback:

Assignment 1 was submitted on the 30/5/17, the feedback came on the 1/7/17.

Assignment 2 was submitted on the 7/7/17, with little time to take on board the feedback from assignment 1.  The feedback from assignment 2 was received on the 31/7/17.  A prompt response in comparison to the first assignment.

The responses are very good, very detailed, and clarification is required, and as I am on holiday unable to make arrangements to discuss the work with the tutor, face to face.  The response is also makes recommendations for further reading.  While I understand that this is necessary, it is adding to the overall work load.  This is causing me a little frustration.  There are so many comments it is difficult for me to prioritise the elements that I need to work on first.  I am sure it will become clearer with time.

Outcome I can control:

Prepare the swot analysis for EYV overall grades, and assignment two feedback, and then draw comparison with assignment 1 of C&N.

The Diary:

I am falling behind on this too.


B37: C26 The Masquerade:


The essay covers the aspect of the masquerade photograph.  It looks at the works of Sherman, Lee, Morrissey, and Moffat.  It draws comparisons between the work and concludes that the work has a material and feministic tendency, the males view points are not represented.

Each work asks question through comparison and juxtaposition, with the exception of Moffat, who’s work comes across as neutral to me.

A number of techniques are used by each photographer, while in publications outlining Moffat’s work, the contact sheet is added.  This adds to the narrative of the project.

The concept of the masquerade photograph has left me a little perplexed, and while I can understand the merits that it can bring, I feel uncomfortable with these concepts, this may be linked to my culture and heritage.

For details please see: C26: The Masquerade

B36: C25: The First Self Portrait Practice:


This is the first attempt at constructing a self portrait, and is based on the concept of capturing both the inner and outer self.  In using a process model which I had developed to assist me in better understanding portrait photography.  I found the the props used in constructing the portraiture should add to the ‘inner self’ being capture within the portrait.

The minimal use of probs adds to focus on the subject.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 14.19.27

Self Portrait: Morning Coffee

For details please see: C25: The First Self Portrait Practice: